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Founded on Sincerity

The Lidye Group originated from the Lidye Trading Co., Ltd. founded in 1960. Lidye Group has been established over sixty years already. The company started out as the Taiwan agent for several large Japanese manufacturers. Like the drilling of wells, the founder prospected in various areas and found places with copious water of good quality. Obtaining agency rights from a new Japanese company was like successfully drilling a new well, and employees, stockholders, and vendors jointly enjoyed the sweet water that flowed from it. With the mission of conducting sincere business operations and sharing prosperity, Lidye's people won the trust of many Japanese companies and helped persuade them to start joint venture manufacturing or trading companies in Taiwan. This was how Lidye's affiliates in Taiwan were established. The group's ambitions have grown over the years, and its products have spread into many industry areas.

As the group's organizational structure grew more complex, the Lidye Co., Ltd. transformed from a development investment corporation into a specialized holding company in 1989, specializing in the centralized management of equity holdings in affiliated enterprises. The transformation contributed to even closer support and coordination among different affiliated enterprises. With the steady growth of the group, Lidye Co., Ltd. officially initiated its public offerings in 1994 (Taiwan Stock Exchange code: 9971).

Responding to the changing global economic environment, the group began an active movement into the China market starting in the 1990s. Affiliated enterprises were successively established in China, and the group also opened business offices worldwide in line with its strategy of strengthening its base in Taiwan, cultivating the Chinese market, and deploying worldwide. The Litsudye International Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 in order to strengthen management of overseas operations and served as the group's main holding company for its overseas affiliated enterprises.



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