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Founded on Sincerity
A Chemical Foundation

The majority of the enterprises forming the Lidye Group are involved in chemicals, and these enterprises include some of the group's earliest manufacturers. Many of these companies are joint ventures with listed Japanese companies or are the agents for products of Japanese companies. The chemical products produced by the Lidye Group of companies span an extremely wide range, and include various types of resins and additives, synthetic rubber latex, non-halogen fire retardants, various types of textile additives and finishing agents, pesticides and fertilizers, various non-ionic surfactants, thermoplastic polyurethane pellets, and synthetic sizing agents. 

In recent years, the Lidye Group's chemical engineering enterprises have actively and successfully moved into the R&D, manufacture, and sale of various types of chemical products for electronics manufacturing and environmental applications. Our conventional chemical enterprises have thus transformed themselves into high-tech enterprises, and are on the way to becoming green enterprises.




  • 立農化學股份有限公司

  • 殺蟲劑、殺菌劑、殺螨劑、除草劑、肥料、植物生長調節劑等

  • 先後代理日商武田藥品工業株式會社、日商住友化學株式會社、日商株式會社吳羽、日商科研製藥株式會社、日商日本農藥株式會社、日商日本曹達株式會社、日商OATアグリオ株式會社等關聯公司之農藥在台產銷

  • 立松化工股份有限公司

  • 合成樹脂漿料、工業用界面活性劑

  • 立大集團與日商松本油脂製藥株式會社合資

  • 立大化工股份有限公司 
  • 廣州立大樹脂有限公司

  • 塗料用合成樹脂、工業用(AC, PU, UV)等合成樹脂

  • 立大集團與日商DIC株式會社合資

  • 晉一化工股份有限公司 
  • 晉一化工科技(無錫)有限公司

  • 界面活性劑塑膠添加劑子材料、日本第一工業製藥株式會社產品台灣總代理

  • 立大集團與日商第一工業製藥株式會社合資

  • 久聯化學工業股份有限公司
  • 久聯化學工業(上海)有限公司

  • 合成橡膠乳液、PU硬質斷熱保溫材料、食品包裝材用接著劑、強化塑膠複合熟料

  • 立大集團先與日商武田藥品工業株式會社合資,後改與日商三井化學株式會社及日本ZEON株式會社合

  • 穩好高分子化學工業股份有限公司

  • 聚醚系非離子界面活性劑、水性壓克力樹脂、長短纖原絲處理油劑、酯類產品

  • 由日商日本油脂株式會社技術移轉生產聚醚系非離子界面活性劑

  • (註:立松化工及穩好高分子非屬公司法規範之關係企業)

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