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The electric heater enterprises are considered the most globalized business unit of the Lidye Group. These were the group's first companies to move into China, and they account for the greatest proportion of the group's employees. The Lidye Electric Heater Business Unit has general management offices located in Kaohsiung, with sales companies established in Hong Kong, San Diego USA, Tokyo Japan, and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia; besides, three factories are established in Shenzhen and Xiamen, one factory in Mexico, along with sales offices in Shanghai, Xiamen, and Shenzhen. Products include electric heaters used in household appliances and by industry, hardware stamping parts, molds, and equipment, and rubber, plastic, and silicone products. We look forward to the Electric Heater Business Unit continuing to stay at the forefront of the industry.




  • 中日電熱股份有限公司

  • 統合管理海內外各據點,並統一替大陸各廠代購原料及代銷產品

  • 總管理處

  • S.J.H. (USA) Co., Ltd.

  • 電熱管及相關製品之進出口

  • 美國區營業所

  • S.J.H. (Japan) Co., Ltd.

  • 電熱管及相關製品之進出口

  • 日本區營業所

  • S.J.E.H. Co., Ltd.
  • S.J.H.I. Co., Ltd.

  • 電熱管及相關製品之進出口

  • 香港區營業所

  • 電熱管及相關製品之進出口 
  • 馬來西亞營業所 
  • 聖技熱能股份有限公司 
  • 電熱管及相關製品、加工品等之生產及銷售 
  • 墨西哥生產工廠 

  • 中台電熱(深圳)有限公司

  • 電熱管及相關製品、加工品等之生產及銷售

  • 深圳生產工廠

  • 中日電熱(廈門)有限公司

  • 電熱管及相關製品、加工品等之生產及銷售

  • 廈門生產工廠

  • 廈高金屬工業(廈門)有限公司

  • 金屬管件、五金沖件、橡膠、塑膠及矽膠製品、模具及電熱管設備等之生產及銷售

  • 廈門生產工廠

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