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A Beginning in Trading

The Trading Business Unit was the Lidye Group's earliest business unit, and is also the group's most profitable segment. Most of the group's trading companies are the Taiwan sales agents of the products of listed Japanese manufacturers. Some of the most important products are textile sizing agents, spices and scents for foods and cosmetics, food stabilizers, emulsifiers, foods and food raw materials, pharmaceuticals, and chemical raw materials and products. The Trading Business Unit believes in trustworthy management, is thoroughly dedicated to service, and provides superb-quality products at reasonable prices. This business unit serves as an effective means of communication between manufacturer and purchaser, and seeks to achieve a win-win outcome for both. 

The Trading Business Unit actively contacts major domestic and foreign manufacturers in order to obtain agency rights of products, and is continuing to expand its overseas sales territories. It hopes to diversify its sales scope and extend its business into more areas and products.

貿 易 事 業 部




  • 立大貿易股份有限公司
  • 立大(越南)國際貿易有限公司


  • 紡織用油劑
  • 各類樹脂、油劑、香料、農藥、化學品等之進出口

  • 日商松本油脂製藥株式會社
  • 立大集團各公司

  • 立業貿易股份有限公司
  • 立派食品企業股份有限公司

  • 食品及化妝品用香料、原料、食品安定劑、乳化劑、食品包裝材

  • 日商高砂香料工業株式會社
  • 日商第一工業製藥株式會社

  • 久好企業股份有限公司

  • 聚氨酯原料-各類發泡用多元醇及PU樹脂、各級活性碳、活性白土、工業用保存劑、食品添加物、水溶性維生素相關產品

  • 日商三井化學株式會社日商大阪瓦斯化學株式會社
  • 日商水澤化學工業株式會社
  • 印度Ashapura集團

  • 石藥集團維生藥業(石家庄)有限公司

  • 統來國際貿易(上海)有限公司

  • 各類樹脂、油劑、香料、農藥、化學品等在大陸之進出口

  • 立大集團各公司
  • 上海高砂鍳臣香料有限公司

  • 帝開思(上海)國際貿易有限公司

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